Who are we?

Mendocino Cannabis Distribution was founded to change the way the cannabis industry operates.  We want to put the emphasis back on the farm and help consumer understand exactly what they are getting and where it came from.  We are proudly Mendocino owned and operated.


We seek out only the highest quality products available in the Emerald Triangle.  We work with farmers and producers that care more about their products than their bottom line.  Haven’t heard of some of our partners?  That’s because we find small operators and help them grow.


Our producers work with all organic ingredients (where possible) and practice many beyond organic cultivation techniques.  Most importantly we find partners that work with loving intention to craft the best cannabis in the world.


Mendocino county is the cradle of California cannabis and we aim to maintain and enhance that.  Focusing on local strains and producers, we want to help keep Mendocino growing!